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Transform The Future of An Underprivileged Student Through An Education Scholarship


For a Sri Lankan child growing up in a refugee camp in Tamil Nadu, a higher education is the turning point in his or her life. These children show great tenacity by pursuing an education and excelling in their efforts. Many refugee students graduate high school with flying colours and are offered admission into reputed universities for professional courses such as engineering, law, medicine and technology but cannot attend college, for they do not have the means to pay the high course fees. Further, education loans that are available to Indian citizens are not available to them. OfERR is determined to not let these children’s aspirations be abandoned due to circumstances beyond their control. Our goal to extend a hand to these students and provide them access to institutes of higher learning was given a boost by business leaders Brahmal Vasudevan (founder and CEO, Creador) and Shanthi Kandiah (founder, SK Chambers) through the BSK Education Loan program for Sri Lankan refugee students. This unique scheme encourages meritorious students to apply for these loans based on their Std XII results and a formal interview, pursue a field of their choice in university and then begin to pay the loan back following graduation and seven months of employment.

Students who receive the BSK Loan feel a sense of ownership and pride in repaying the loans

Students who receive the BSK Loan feel a sense of ownership and pride in repaying the loans over the years, thereby enabling other needy refugee students like them to receive this life-changing opportunity. The BSK ‘rolling loan’ has made it possible for refugee children to grow up and become what they always dreamed of becoming – doctors, nurses, PhDs, IT professionals, lawyers, engineers or anything else they put their minds to. Every year, come graduation time, we are humbled and inspired by their courage and their success. OfERR is eager to broaden the scope of this program and offer loans to needy Indian students from the tuition centers we run in flood-affected villages, and enable them to explore rewarding careers upon completing their schooling. We encourage individuals, philanthropists and business professionals to join forces with us to extend the loan scheme and make it possible for more youngsters from India and Sri Lanka to receive a higher education and enjoy the future they deserve.