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Help Us Give Vulnerable Sri Lankan Refugees Medical Care


OfERR provides critical medical care and maternity care to refugees through the Tamil Nadu government health service. Our health workers, volunteers and medical unit coordinate with the government whose infrastructure of hospitals and clinics is used to provide life-saving health care to the residents of refugee camps. OfERR is deeply gratified both to the government and other non-profit NGOs who enable refugees to receive major surgery for life-threatening issues. While the above care is provided at no cost to refugees, OfERR takes on the responsibility for providing medical care that is used to manage or improve conditions that make a significant difference to the quality of the patient’s life. This includes providing physiotherapy for disabled people, which could include up to two years of therapy for lasting improvement, expenses undertaken for managing serious conditions such as diabetes, colostomy bags for chronic patients etc.

Additionally, OfERR’s medical team arranges to provide therapy for children with cerebral palsy, special wheelchairs for children with muscular dystrophy, apart from corrective lens spectacles and hearing aids. This past year, OfERR has provided special education to 27 disabled children, donated medical appliances to 167 refugees and spectacles to 213 people many of whom are elderly. Additionally, many serious conditions require long-term medication to manage them and keep them under control. It has been observed that refugees with limited means discontinue their medication halfway through treatment due to paucity of funds. OfERR’s health program is committed to helping these patients stay the course, and with your generosity, we can continue to do so. We also invite doctors to volunteer with us on a pro bono basis and can be reached at volunteer@oferr.org for more information.