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Keep Sri Lankan Refugee Children Safe In Day care centres


The nursery and day care center program was launched by OfERR to protect young children in refugee camps and provide them safety, nutritious meals and a primary education when their parents are at work. The parents of these children often need to work long hours every day, and there were concerns about keeping their young ones safe from negligence or abuse during this time. Further, children who were unsupervised often resorted to consuming unhealthy or non-nutritious food that was cheaply available. As a result, older children were found to be dropping out of school to take care of their younger siblings. OfERR’s nutrition and day care center provides these children a safe place that combines the dual objectives of education and nutrition. These day care centers serve as a crèche where refugee children can be dropped off by their parents who will have peace of mind that the boys and girls receive a basic education while they are at work, that they are protected from abuse or exploitation, and that their older children no longer need to forego their own education. The nursery teachers and helpers at these centers also monitor the health of the children under their care. The nutrition program from the central government ICDS (Integrated Child Development Scheme) is supplemented by OfERR.

At present, OfERR runs 43 day care centers in Chennai, Erode, Nellai and Trichy, benefiting 1,770 children and employs 45 teachers and 69 caretakers.

OfERR also distributes plates and spoons to the children for their meals and gives them educational gifts such as puzzles to enable easy learning. With funding for nursery centers set to run out shortly, OfERR aims to mobilize support on an immediate basis to ensure that these day care centers continue to operate. Hundreds of refugee families have now come to depend on this system, and we are determined to work hard to keep this program alive. It costs as little as $1 a day (INR 2000 per month) to run a nursery center and the positive impact it has on children is immeasurable. Help us keep these day care centers active by donating towards the OfERR Nursery and Day Care Center program.

Nursery and day care centers