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Help us Donate Socks for Shoes For Vulnerable Indian Children


Following the success of the Toms Shoes distribution campaign, where nearly half a million formal school shoes have been distributed so far, both to Sri Lankan refugee children and underprivileged Indian children, the campaign ‘I gave one, I got one’ was launched by OfERR through a partnership with its sister Trust, the Asthtva Foundation, to build on this program. This initiative encourages children and adolescent students from privileged backgrounds to come forward to help their less fortunate counterparts by raising and donating funds towards purchasing socks and school supplies for the beneficiaries of the Toms Shoes program. The immediate goal of this campaign is to provide two pairs of new socks to each recipient of a pair of shoes. As with the Toms Shoes program, the beneficiaries of the Socks for Shoes program include children from public schools, special needs centers, orphanages, tribal areas, HIV homes, slums and Sri Lankan refugee camps.

OfERR is also working with socks manufacturers to receive socks at a low price.

OfERR is also working with socks manufacturers to receive socks at a low price or free of cost as a CSR initiative to maximize the number of children who can benefit from this program. The socks for shoes program is also looking to raise funds for free school uniforms and stationery for these children. The campaign aims to promote the spirit of giving amongst children and encourages them to experience the joy of making another child’s life better through their efforts. Your support for this venture will help us go the extra mile in bringing a smile to the face of every needy child we work with.