Foundation Coaching Services Create involving and fun sessions where children can be exposed to the fundamental skills of the game. Promote cooperation, teamwork and fair play during activities, provide a supportive environment. The fundamental aims of this stage are initiation and acquisition of the skills
Participation Coaching Services These sessions focus upon encouraging participants to perform the movements more consistently and with precision under extended conditions. At this stage, the athletes are able to maintain some elements of performance under pressure, but when conditions change, or demands increase, their performance remains inconsistent. The sessions provide a mix of skills, fitness & agility and decision making activities to naturally develop the athlete.
Performance Coaching Services These sessions focus on athletes who have a good command of the skills of the sport. These sessions extend an athlete’s range and levels of skills by creating game sense activities to help students discover ways to execute the skills. The sessions extend skills, fitness & agility and decision making but also introduce tactics, wellness and mind strength programs.
Elite Coaching Services These sessions are directed at athletes who can execute the movements in a way that is very close to the ideal in terms of form and speed. The training is intensified to develop athletes to a point where performance is very consistent and precision is high, even under very demanding conditions and in situations that are both complex and varied.