OfERR is committed to bettering the lives of the most vulnerable people and communities, including Sri Lankan refugees in Tamil Nadu, and Indian citizens, especially women and children from the poorest sections of society. By supporting us through your organization, you can make a powerful impact on the reach of our humanitarian work.

There are several avenues open to companies who would like to give back to the community through OfERR

  • .   Help rebuild 400 toilets in flood-damaged villages – the new structures will bear the logo of the funding organization and acknowledge their support to the cause. The government subsidy for building these structures is Rs 12,000 per toilet, and the additional funding needed is Rs 4,000 per toilet. The total funding requirement is Rs 16,00,000
  • .  Provide employees in your company a sabbatical during which they volunteer with OfERR – employees can support us with their professional skills, or work hands-on with our programs in a partnership that is as fulfilling for them as it is life-changing for the people we serve
  • .  Give employees an opportunity to double their contribution by matching their donations for a specific period of time
  • .   Make us your official non-profit partner in a way that enables customers, clients or employees to make automatic charitable contributions to OfERR while transacting with your organization

OfERR India is an FCRA approved charity authorized by the Indian Home Ministry to receive international contributions in foreign currency. Donations from Indian citizens and companies are exempt from taxation under Sec 80 (G). We welcome ideas and suggestions on how we can help underserved communities together. If you would like to make us a part of your organization’s CSR mission, get in touch with us at csr@oferr.org